Fix Elden Ring White Screen Crashing Issue

Fix Elden Ring White Screen Crashing Issue

Elden Ring is finally released and critics and fans agree that the game is insanely awesome. Unfortunately, many players are having several issues with the game black screen, visual bugs, and graphics-related issues. Currently, many players are suffering from a white screen crashing issue on launch. But thankfully, this issue can be solved. Let’s find out how to fix Elden Ring White Screen crashing issue.

Fixing Elden Ring White Screen Crashing Issue

Some of the solutions we are going to suggest here to fix the white screen crashing issue can be quite absurd but they worked for many players. Check out the below best solutions.

1. Uninstall the Epic Store: One of the first things you will need to do is to uninstall the Epic Store and all other services related to it. Once done, relaunch the game and check if you are still running into the white screen crashing issue.

2. Update the Epic Games Launcher: The next best thing to fix this problem is to update the epic games launcher. Most probably, uninstalling and updating Epic Games Launcher will solve this problem. Somehow, if they don’t work, try the next workaround. 

3. Disable Discord overlay: Many players have reported, they have fixed the problem by disabling overlays from the Discord app.Here is how you can disable discord overlay:

– Open up Discord user settings

– Find out “Streamer Mode” from the menu

– In that same menu, find out Game Overlay and disable it also

4. Update the GPU driver and Audio drivers: The last resort is to update your GPU driver and audio drivers and then check, the issue should be resolved.

If none of these solutions work, then wait for the next patch as Bandai Namco has promised – “will be providing a patch in the near future” to solve several problems. So, just wait patiently and the issue will be resolved automatically in the next patch.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Elden Ring white screen crashing issue.

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