Fix Elden Ring Attempting to Invade Another World Error

Elden Ring Creators Apologize After Countless Issues and Bugs Reported By Players

Elden Ring is one of the highly anticipated action-role-playing games of 2022. But often many players are running into several issues and errors. Currently, several players are facing an error message – “Attempting to invade another world”. When the players plan to invade, the game starts hanging. This issue kills all the enjoyment of this incredible game as invasion is one of the essential parts of this gameplay. Don’t worry! Here we have collected certain tips to fix the “Attempting to invade another world” error message in Elden Ring.

Fixing Elden Ring Attempting to Invade Another World Error

First of all, it is important to note, this feature isn’t cross-platform and so the players are running into this error message when the other player is on the same gaming platform as you are.

If you are running into this error message consistently, then try to search from a different location. This error message comes up due to a bug or glitch in that particular region. On the other hand, you can find an invasion by finding when you see many players online.

Besides, you can also try to play the Varre quest as this quest has countless invasions. However, it is important to note, these invasions can be difficult to complete compared to other regular ones as they involve a number of tasks.

Last of all, if you are still facing this error message, make sure to check the current server status. In case, they are down due to outage or maintenance, you may run into this error.

That’s all you can do to fix Elden Ring “Attempting to invade another world” error.

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