Fix Dying Light 2 Texture Not Loading Issue in Game

Fix Dying Light 2 Texture Not Loading Issue in Game

Dying Light 2 is released last week and many players around the world have been running into several technical glitches and bugs since then. Issues such as 0xc0000142 error and installation-related problems have not been solved and now a new issue comes out. According to multiple reports, players are complaining of texture not loading issues while playing Dying Light 2. Players have already tried restarting the game but the issue persists. Well, here we have covered several potential workarounds to fix this issue.

How to Fix Dying Light 2 Texture Not Loading Issue in Game

It is important to note, Dying Light 2 is still in the early access mode and several bugs and glitches are expected. Developers will surely release a patch to fix several issues with the game such as TechlandGG not working and the game crashes. Well, there are several possible workarounds to fix Dying Light 2 texture not loading issue while playing the game.

1. Turn Off NVIDIA DLSS Mode

If Nvidia’s DLSS feature has any issues, then you may such graphical-related issues. To solve it, one of the best options is to simply turn it off. Go to the in-game settings menu and turn off NVIDIA DLSS mode. 

2. Use DirectX 11

In the next solution, you can also try to use the DirectX 11 version instead of DX 12 on your PC. If you are using Steam to play this game, here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Open up the Steam and go to Library

2. Find out the game Dying Light 2 and right-click on it

3. Click on Properties and select General from the left panel menu

4. Type -dx11 under the Launch Option

5. Once done, launch the game and the issue should be resolved

3. Adjustment of Texture Settings

Adjustment of texture settings is the next best thing you can do to fix the texture not loading issue in Dying Light 2.

1. Open up the Steam, then go to Library and click on Dying Light 2 from the left panel

2. Click on Play and launch the game

3. Once opened, click on in-game Settings

4. Click on Display and set “Textures” to “Epic” and set “Texture Streaming Poolsize” to 7000. If it is already set 7000, then reduce it to 2000 and set it again to 7000 and change effects

5. That’s it, you can see the improvement in the graphics quality

4. Verify and Repair Corrupted or Missing Game Files

In case the game files are corrupted or missing for any reason, you may receive a texture not loading issue in Dying Light 2.

For Steam:

Open up Steam and go to Library. Right-click on the game from the installed games list. Click on Properties and go to Local Files. Then click on “Verify integrity of game files”. Wait for some time until the process completes. Once it is done, make sure to restart your PC.

For Epic Games Launcher:

Open up the Epic Games Launcher and go to its Library. Click on the three dots icon which you can see beside Dying Light 2. Click on Verify and wait for some time until the process completes. Once done, restart the PC and the issue should be resolved.

5. Increase Virtual Memory

Sometimes, the lack of virtual memory can also cause such issues so, you can also try to increase virtual memory and then check if that helps or not.  

1. Open up the Control Panel on your PC

2. Click on Performance and Maintenance and go to System

3. Go to the Advanced tab and click on Settings under Performance

4. Then click on the “Change” under “Virtual memory”

5. Underdrive tab click on the drive that has the paging file you will need to modify

6. Under “Paging file size for the selected drive” click on “System Managed Size” and then click on “Set”  

7. Flag this option and restart the PC

8. If the system paging file size is used to be System Managed then under Paging file size for selected drive, click on Custom size.

9. Next, type a new page file size in MB in the “Initial Size or Maximum Size box

That’s it – We hope after performing these steps, the texture not loading issue in Dying Light 2 should be fixed.

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