Fix Destiny 2 Reshaping the Enigma Quest Bug

Fix Destiny 2 Reshaping the Enigma Quest Bug

Destiny 2’s latest season known as “Season of the Risen” is out now on 22nd February 2022. In this Witch Queen expansion, you will need to work on a few quests. Crafting is one of the new features in this latest expansion. And to complete the crafting process, you will be required the Glaive, the latest weapon. However, players are encountering a bug, particularly in the Reshaping the Enigma quest in Destiny 2. But gratefully, it is not a bug. In this guide, we will learn how to fix it easily.

According to multiple reports, players reshape the Enigma with an enhanced feature but they can’t complete the further steps of the quest, they are left there with the upgraded Glaive, and they don’t have any materials to redo the process in the quest.

If Reshaping the Enigma quest bug is troubling you, the easy solution is to modify when the quest will ask you to enhance the frame of the weapon which you can find on the left side on the crafting page. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to progress in the quest.

Besides, you will still get a notification on the bottom side of the screen stating, you’ll need to change the intrinsic of your weapon. If you have no idea about Enhanced Intrinsic, that means the framing of your weapon, letting you alter critical things about it when you are in the process of Reshaping. Once you do that, you won’t get any issues in the quest.

That’s a simple thing you need to do to fix Destiny 2 Reshaping the Enigma quest bug.

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