Fix CoD Vanguard Dev Error 6032

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Released in November, Call of Duty: Vanguard is one of the gigantic games of 2021. Many players have been enjoying their gameplay without any issues, many other players report several issues with the game such as Vanguard death count missing from scoreboard, fetching online profile bug crashes, among others. Because of this error, players are not able to access the game. If you are facing the same issue, it is quite simple to fix the issue. Let’s find out how to fix CoD Vanguard dev error 6032.

How to Fix CoD Vanguard Dev Error 6032

According to multiple reports, players receive dev error 6032 during the gameplay itself and take them to the title screen. To fix this annoying CoD Vanguard dev error 6032, there are a couple of things you can try. Here we have covered all the potential solutions.

1. Update System and Game  

One of the first things you should make sure of is to check if your system, as well as game, are up-to-date and there are no pending updates available to download and install. If you are playing Vanguard on your PC, then also check you have all the latest updates for your operating system, game, and graphics driver. If any of this is not updated, you may receive dev error 6032.

2. Clean All the Reserved Spaced from Xbox

If you already have all the latest updates but still if you are suffering from error 6032 on your Xbox, then you need to try this tactic. Exit from the game, then clean all the reserved space, and then return to Vanguard. However, it is important to note, that this is a temporary fix and so it may not work always. 

3. Reinstall the game

If the above solutions don’t work, try to uninstall the game and delete the game completely. Once done, download the game again. If the game was installed on the external hard drive before, then this time, install it on the internal hard drive. 

4. Other Potential Solutions

There are some other possible fixes as well that include disabling your antivirus program and also trying to disable any overlays. Besides, also try to disable the Xbox Game Bar. In addition, set the game’s priority to Normal in the Task Bar. In all of these solutions, reinstalling the game seems a universal fix for many players on all gaming platforms. 

That’s all we have to fix Call of Duty Vanguard dev error 6032.

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