Fix Call of Duty: Warzone Whitelist Failure Error

Fix Call of Duty Warzone Whitelist Failure Error

Verdansk is no more and a new map called Call Caldera is incorporated in Call of Duty Warzone Pacific which has already crossed 100 million downloads. Players love this new map as it has a colorful and bright map with several unique sightlines.

However, after the recent update, the game has brought several new bugs and glitches including “Unable to access live service” error. Players are reporting around the world, they are facing the “Whitelist Failure” error. According to many reports, they get this error specifically when starting up the game. The error says, they are not logged into the account or they are not online.

At the time of writing this post, the developer of this game, Raven Software has not yet acknowledged this bug so players are wondering how to fix this annoying bug so that, they can enjoy the game further.

If you are running into this Whitelist Failure bug, so far, the only best solution is to restart the game several times, and eventually, the issue should be resolved. So, you simply need to restart Warzone again and again until the issue is resolved.

Most of the players say, they were able to get into the game after 2 to 4 restarts. Since the developer has not yet released any official statement on this bug, this is the only way to get into the game.

Unfortunately, this is a temporary solution as many players have reported, this error occurs again after some time. Hopefully, the developers will release its permanent solution in the next patch/update.

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