Fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 6036

Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 3 are in full swing with millions of players enjoying the game. However, the dev errors that have troubled users in previous releases are still persistent. Although Activation claims to have fixed most of the deviation errors, there are some that still exist and are causing users distress. The Call of Duty Warzone Dev error 6036 is among the most notorious that has existed since the day of release.

We call this a notorious error due to the lack of resolutions available. As we scoured through websites there is hardly anything to go with. The lack of explanation from Activation only makes the resolution more challenging.

However, we have some fix you can try if you find yourself unable to play the game due to the dev error 6036 in Warzone or Modern Warfare.

Reinstalling the game has worked for some users, but only for the initial run and users encounter the same error or another dev error all over again. You could also try to update the graphics card and the OS; however, it does not help the case. Nevertheless, keeping the graphics card and OS updated is always recommended, so you should do that first.

Here are some solutions we obtained from Reddit.

Fix 1 for Dev Error 6036

I don’t know if you managed to fix the error, but here’s what worked for me (with help from Activision Support). These are the instructions I used :

Here’s what I did with the instructions from the link above. I tried deleting the cache folder, but that didn’t work. What did work was deleting both the cache folder (Blizzard Entertainment folder) and the folder from C:\ProgramData\ . After that, the game started with no problems.

Fix 2 for Dev Error 6036

In the main folder go to Data / data and see if there’s a .rar file. If there’s one unpack it, rename it so it says data.001

Fix 3 for Dev Error 6036

Another fix you can try:

  1. Delete shaders, delete shader cache.
  2. Start game, set priority to normal from high BEFORE ENTERING THE LOBBY.
  3. SET fps below 60.

Source: r/modernwarfare

That’s all we have for now, we will update this post as more fixes surface for the issue.

Post courtesy to Game Error Support.

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