Fix BGMI 1.8 Update Not Showing on Google Play Store

Fix BGMI 1.8 Update Not Showing on Google Play Store

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India), developed by PUBG Studios, is exclusively designed for Indian gamers only. This game has recently released a much-awaited 1.8 update which has spiderman themed content. But, when players go to the Play Store to get the latest version of BGMI, they are not able to update it as they can’t see the update option on Google Play Store. If you’re also experiencing the same problem, don’t worry! There are certain solutions you can try to fix BGMI 1.8 update not showing on Play Store.

How to Fix BGMI 1.8 Update Not Showing on Play Store

There are many players who are not able to download and play the latest 1.8 update Spiderman version due to this issue. Well, following are two possible ways you can use to fix BGMI 1.8 update. Go through the following simple methods and you will be able to update it easily.

Fix 1: Clear the cache

1. Open up Google Play Store on your smartphone 

2. Type “BGMI” in the search option

3. If you can’t find the Update BGMI option, then close Google Play Store, go to the Settings option, and clear up its cache

4. Once you clear the cache, open up Google Play Store and then type BGMI

5. There you’ll see a green Update button

6. Just tap on it and download the BGMI Spiderman update

If that’s work, you can try the next solution to fix BGMI 1.8 update not showing on the Play Store

Fix 2: Get it Updated from TapTap

If you are not getting the update option in Play Store, then you can take help from the third-party site which is TapTap. Here are some simple steps to update BGMI through TapTap.

1. First download TapTap on your smartphone

2. After installing, open it

3. Type “BGMI” in the search bar

4. Select the game and tap on the Download button

5. Once updated, use your login detail, and get into the game 

That’s all for this guide on how to fix BGMI 1.8 update not showing on Google Play Store

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