Fix Apex Legends Audio Bug on Xbox

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Recently Apex Legends has released the next-gen update on 29th March but after that, many players are experiencing various bugs and issues with the game such as controller-related issues or ranked issues. Recently, many players are reporting, they can’t heat their game audio and/or chat. And because of this glitch, they can’t enjoy the game to the fullest. If you are facing the same issue, let’s find out here how you can quickly fix the audio bug issue on Xbox after the next-gen update.

Fixing Apex Legends Audio Bug on Xbox

Although the developers have not yet fixed this bug officially, many Reddit users have tried some workarounds to fix the audio bug issue on Xbox after the next-gen update.

One of the users said on Reddit to go in the console and set the audio output to “Studio Uncompressed”. This way, the audio will start working normally.

As you can see in the below link, Apex Legends News has also stated the detailed instructions on its official Twitter page.  

As you can read, they have also said – “Can’t confirm 100% but lots of players report that this fixed the issue for them”.

That’s all for this guide on how to fix Apex Legends audio bug on Xbox.

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