FIFA 22 Players Not Able to Play VOLTA Mode – Issue Acknowledges by EA

FIFA 22 Players Not Able to Play VOLTA Mode - Issue Acknowledges by EA

FIFA 22 is the new installment of the well-known FIFA franchise. In FIFA 22, VOLTA mode features a single-player storyline mode. This mode focuses on street football and futsal where a player can create his football character and then improve his character by playing different matches and skill games.

However, players are facing many issues and bugs related to this game that include Qualification Points are carrying over in FUT or store was showing only one pack in the My Pack section.

A new problem is experienced by many players around the world where they are not able to access VOLTA mode. According to reports, when players try to access this mode, they receive an error message that says – “There was an error accessing server data, please try again”. This type of error message really ruins the gaming experience.

And that’s not enough, those players who are able to access VOLTA mode are experiencing, they are not able to find any matches when attempting VOLTA Squads.

Players have already tried several workarounds to solve this problem. They even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but that doesn’t make any difference. And so, it seems the main issue is on the developers’ end.

Thankfully, EA has recently acknowledged this issue and stated, they are already working on the VOLTA error in FIFA 22. But, ETA is not mentioned so we can’t say by when the issue will be resolved. So, players have to wait for some more days to access VOLTA mode in FIFA 22.

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