Far Cry 6 The Vanishing Mission Restarting or Not Saving – Developers Acknowledged

Far Cry 6 is incredibly an awesome action-adventure game but that doesn’t stop it from having countless errors and bugs. Players have been reporting on many issues with the game from day one.                                                       

Devs frequently release new updates to fix issues and bugs but sometimes, these updates create new problems. Recently, many players are complaining about a problem with The Vanishing mission. According to multiple reports, the game is not saving even after completing the mission while some other players say the quest restarts for no reason.

It is frustrating when players finish the mission and suddenly, they send them back to the right when the mission started.

Thankfully, the Ubisoft support team has acknowledged this issue officially on their discussion forum. 


However, they have not shared an ETA when the issue will get resolved but hopefully, we will have a hotfix soon. Until then, check out our website for the updates and troubleshooting guides on several online games.

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