F1 22 AI Straight Line Overpowered or Too Fast – Issue Acknowledged & Temporary Workaround

F1 22

F1 22 is the latest racing video game developed by Codemasters and published by EA Sports. Undeniably, the game is very well optimized but still, there are some bugs and glitches here and there such as the gamepad or controller not working or EA Play 10-hour trial not accessible, and many others. Recently, many players have noticed a new issue.

According to multiple reports, the speed of the AI straight line is too fast or overpowered and so the game becomes unplayable.

Thankfully, one of the players on Reddit has shared a workaround that will be helpful to make some distances in certain tracks. Following is the temporary workaround.

A Temporary Workaround – “On tracks like Zandvoort where there are high-speed corners before long straights with DRS zones, try to use overtake as you take the high-speed corner. AI doesn’t register high-speed corners the same as straights, so you can create a gap and even push them out of DRS. Tested at 70 difficulties on the first season of MyTeam Career (Keyboard)”.

Fortunately, the EA team has acknowledged this issue immediately as many players are reporting on the same issue.

As you can see, they have acknowledged this issue on their official Twitter page so hopefully, we will have a permanent solution very soon.

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