Escape from Tarkov AI Scav Turns Hostile Bug – Issue Acknowledged

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Genshin Impact is truly an amazing open-world adventure game that greatly attracts both its anime inspirations and Breath of the Wild to create something really special. But many players are not happy with the game as they are running into several issues and bugs such as connection type settings bugged or scopes getting blurry after the latest update.

In addition to these issues, many players are now saying that AI Scav turns hostile and shoots those who have good karma. Some other players are also complaining, AI Scav gets aggressive when they kill a Raider or PMC.

Some frustrated players are asking devs on Twitter, when are you going to stop AI Scavs shooting at players when the Scav player shoots at a PMC?

It seems these things happen due to a bug but many players are confused as to why this is occurring as they have not activated it. 

Unfortunately, the developers have not said anything officially but one of the players has contacted the support team of Escape from Tarkov and they have said the issue is under investigation.

So hopefully, Battlestate Games will find out the main reason for this issue and fix it as early as possible so that the players can progress in the game without any issues.

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