Elden Ring Players Complain Saved Data Lost on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

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Elden Ring – the latest action RPG by FromSoftware is finally arrived on PC and consoles. Unfortunately, this game has certain bugs and glitches that affect many players at launch. Most of the issues are minor, some of them are incredibly difficult to fix.

Even after a new update, it seems, several issues and bugs are yet not over in Elden Ring. Thousands of new players are adding daily to play this game but also many new issues are popping up.

In the recent issue, many PlayStation and Xbox players are now reporting, their game data is lost or not saved. And because of this major issue, many players have lost long progress in the game and so they are releasing their frustration on Reddit and Twitter.

One of the users says, he has lost 40-hour of saving files and he has tried several workarounds to get it fixed such as restarting his PS5 and reinstalling the game but nothing helps.

After several reports from around the world, thankfully, the dev support team has finally acknowledged this issue and said the saved data may not be saved properly if your PS5 console is turned off unexpectedly while playing the game.

Besides, the technical team is currently working to fix this major and serious issue. Meanwhile, they have suggested saving your game manually and exiting the game properly.

Unfortunately, they have not yet acknowledged the issue occurring on the Xbox console. But, they would release the statement or the next patch very soon to fix such issues.

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