Elden Ring Legendary Armaments Trophy Glitch – A Potential Workaround

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The world of Elden Ring is bigger and more packed with lots of things than any of the previous games by FromSoftware. In Elden Ring, the developers have added countless trophies and achievements. Players need to use some strategies to unlock them. But like any new games, Elden Ring also has several issues related to quests such as Vyke not invading bug in Heytta quest.

Players are now reporting, they are not able to achieve Armaments achievement or trophy as it seems glitched and they are not able to unlock it. Many other players are also saying, they are not even able to complete the quest.

To get rid of this problem, players have already tried several workarounds that include reinstalling the game but nothing helps.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged this issue. But, there is a workaround that can be helpful to complete the Legendary Armaments.

To fix this issue temporarily, you will need to use inventory to leave all the weapons you got on playthrough 1 on the ground and pick up them again and you will achieve Legendary Armaments Trophy in Elden Ring.

Many players have tried this tactic and it worked for them so you also can give it a try!

That’s all we have to fix temporarily Legendary Armaments Achievement glitch in Elden Ring.

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