Dying Light 2: Grappling Hook and Paraglider Upgrade Bug – Devs Yet to Acknowledge

Dying Light 2 Grappling Hook and Paraglider Upgrade Bug – Devs Yet to Acknowledge

Dying Light 2 is an exhilarating and huge action-role-playing game by Techland. From day one, this game has been suffering from several issues such as leaving the mission area bug, controllers don’t work after a new update, and more.

According to the most recent complaints, there is a glitch found in which players are not able to update their items in Dying Light 2. More precisely, bug mainly affects the Paraglider and Grappling hook.

Players say when they access the campaign section of the game where they can upgrade their Grappling hook at level 1, the item is stuck. Some players are looking for the best solution to get rid of this issue. However, it seems this bug happens if you have not yet unlocked the grappling hook in the campaign and you have joined the world where the item is available.

Moreover, some other players are also complaining, their Paraglider level also freezes. By using the Paraglider, players can easily jump from the height. However, this item also has several issues like Grappling hook.

Because of this issue, players are not able to upgrade their Paraglider as the game gets stuck at level 1. However, you can upgrade it to level 2 easily but its stats won’t change.

Unfortunately, the developer of this game, Techland has not yet acknowledged both of these issues. But, since the issue is widespread, they will release a new patch/update fixing this problem very soon.

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