Dying Light 2 Black Widow Quest Glitch – Players Unable to Progress

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the popular action role-playing games of 2022 developed and published by Techland. Unfortunately, since its release, many players are running into various issues, bugs, and glitches.

That’s not enough and a new issue has come up. Many players are now complaining, they are stuck in the ‘Black Widow’ quest and so, they are not able to progress in the game further.

More exactly, the issue happens if Josh dies in the previous quest. As intended, the character should be respawned but that is not happening and players are stuck.

Players have already tried several things including restarting and/or reinstalling the game but nothing helps. In order to complete the ‘Black Widow’ quest, players must turn on the power in the location and then speak to Josh but in case Josh won’t spawn, they stuck in the game and can’t move further which is quite frustrating.

Some other players say the same bug appears in some other way. At the Fish Eye, players need to speak to a woman for Josh to emerge but when the players attempt to interact with that woman, they get a ‘please wait message.

A Potential Workaround:

Well, there are a few tactics you can try to fix the ‘Black Widow’ quest glitch issue. 

1. The first one is very simple and quick. Try to simply restart the game and the issue should be resolved. It worked for some players so just give it a try and see if you are still facing the same issue in the ‘Black Widow’ quest.

2. The second workaround includes doing the quest in some other player’s world so that your save file will be safe if the glitch occurs.

Unfortunately, Techland has not yet acknowledged this issue but hopefully, they would release a patch fixing this major issue.

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