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Game Mechanics


In order to save the game currently, you must sleep at your sleeping bag.
This is the only way the game lets you save. Anything you do after you get up from your sleeping bag will not be saved if you leave the game. You should always end your play-through by sleeping and then quitting the game.


Nearly everything you do in the game requires the use of stamina/energy. You can regain stamina by eating food or sleeping to the next day.

  1. Leveling your skills can decrease the amount of stamina used per action.
  2. If you are nearly out of stamina, you will get a slow movement penalty.
  3. If you run out of energy in a single player game you will pass out and be teleported to your tent and progress to the next day.
  4. If you run out of stamina in a multiplayer game, you can be picked up by another player.
  5. If you stay up till the end of the day, your stamina will be degraded to almost nothing, you can still progress and do things, but you will have almost no stamina pool, which can lead to you passing out or being killed by an aggressive animal. It’s best to not let the day get to this point unless you are just doing some remedial tasks such as smelting/sawmill/etc.
  6. You can increase your stamina by eating foods with the stamina buff. These buffs only last for the day until you sleep.

Traveling Merchants

New Merchants will show up every other day on the designated pad. You can complete a task for them while they are visiting and must do so enough times to enable them to want to move into your town (Earn enough Hearts).

Unlocking Deeds

In order to unlock most deeds (new buildings), you have to complete a number of tasks from the Traveling NPCs. In some circumstances this may require you to have additional licenses to complete the tasks.

Building Deeds

Building a new deed requires you to put in all the required construction material. After the material has been placed into the contained outside the deed, the building will complete in 1-2 days. You can sleep to fast track this process.


Earning Hearts

In order to level up hearts for each NPC in your town, you must complete tasks for them each day until you max out their hearts.

You earn 1/4th a heart upon completing a task for the specific NPC. It should be noted that you don’t always earn a quarter heart with each quest turned in. In order to get a task from the NPC talk to them and select: I wanted to chat -> Need Anything?/Got a Job for Me?

When NPC’s offer you to buy items, these will also give you completion towards another quarter heart, but as stated above, you don’t always get a quarter heart per quest done, sometimes it takes 2x.


You cannot progress with Fletch’s relationship until you complete her entry chain of quests. Once these quests are completed you can start asking for jobs from her daily.


This shop keeper will buy just about anything from you. He also sells items to the players once per day. Some of his items rotate out every other day. He will sell additional items to you once you build his shop.

Deed Requirements:

  1. It requires you to complete 2x tasks for John to move in. [TBC]


Hours: 8am-4pm
Days: All

  1. Bug Net
  2. Axe
  3. Pickaxe
  4. Fishing Pole
  5. Shovel


Hours: 8am-6pm
Days: Closed Sundays

  1. Bug Net
  2. Axe
  3. Pickaxe
  4. Fishing Pole
  5. Shovel
  6. Bananas
  7. Bush Lime
  8. Mine Pass
  9. Metal Detector
  10. BBQ
  11. Stone Grinder
  12. Furnace
  13. Table Saw
  14. Torch
  15. Machine Manual [Rotating]
  16. Old Gear [Rotating]

You can sell items on the scale that the player holds with their hands, these include:

  1. Trapped Animals
  2. Fossils
  3. Gems
  4. Amber

Relationship Rewards:

  • Recycling Bin = Every Thursday stuff in here gets deleted. Other NPCs toss random things in here throughout the week that can be taken for free.

Building Requirements:
Days to Complete: 2

  • 75,000 Dinks
  • 15 Gum Wood Planks
  • 10 Palm Wood Planks
  • 2 Tin Sheets
  • 16 Nails


You turn in bugs, critters, and fish to this guy for 100 License point per item turned in. Upon maxing out his hearts, you lets you buy a bug and fish book that will show the location of them around you, their name, and their value.

Deed Requirements:

  1. Finish John’s Building First[TBC]

Relationship Rewards:

  • Bug Book = Shows the name and price of bugs around you. (shows ???? if undiscovered)
  • Fish Book = Shows the name and price of fish around you. (shows ???? if undiscovered)

Building Requirements:
Days to Complete: 2

  • 125,000 Dinks
  • 15 Gum Wood Planks
  • 5 Palm Wood Planks
  • 10 Bags of Cement
  • 16 Nails


He sells all kinds of different furniture.

Deed Requirements:

  1. TBC: Do Tasks/Buy enough from him.

Relationship Rewards:

  • TBD


Hours: TBD?
Days: TBD?

  • Sells 2 Different Rotating Special Items in the Shop
  • Sells standard items via the NPC


Hours: 10am-5pm
Days: Closed Tuesdays and Thrusdays

  • Sells 8 Different Rotating Special Items in the Shop
  • Sells all unique and standard clothing items via the NPC

Building Requirements:
Days to Complete: 2

  • 145,000 Dinks
  • 18 Gum Wood Planks
  • 18 Palm Wood Planks
  • 3 Tin Sheets
  • 16 Nails


She sells different kind of clothes that rotate each time she shows up.

Deed Requirements:

  1. TBC: Do Tasks/Buy enough from her.

Relationship Rewards:

  • TBD


Hours: TBD?
Days: TBD?

  • Sells 5 Different Rotating Special Items in the Shop
  • Sells standard items via the NPC


Hours: 9am-5pm
Days: Closed Tuesdays

  • Sells 8 Different Rotating Special Items in the Shop
  • Sells all unique and standard clothing items via the NPC

Building Requirements:
Days to Complete: 2

  • 180,000 Dinks
  • 10 Gum Wood Planks
  • 25 Palm Wood Planks
  • 6 Quartz Crystal
  • 8 Bags of Cement
  • 4 Copper Bars
  • 18 Nails


License Progress


In order to buy the next tiers of licenses you must first progress the related skill to a certain level.

Mining License:

Tier 1: Nothing
Cost: 250 LP
Unlocks: Basic Pickaxe at Johns Shop

Tier 2: Mining 10+
Cost: 1000 LP
Unlocks: Copper Pickaxe Schematic

Tier 3: Mining License 2
Cost: 3500 LP
Unlocks: Deep Mines

Logging License:

Tier 1: Nothing
Cost: 250 LP
Unlocks: Basic Axe at Johns Shop

Tier 2: Mining 10+
Cost: 1000 LP
Unlocks: Copper Axe Schematic

Hunting License:

Tier 1: Nothing
Cost: 250 LP
Unlocks: Basic Spear Schematic, Wooden Bat, Basic Hammer



DescriptionThe player can mine on the surface of their world initially to get Tin, Copper, Quartz, Iron, Stone, and Shiny Rocks.


  1. In order to mine you must purchase the Mining License from Fletch.
  2. You must purchase a Basic Pickaxe from John.


DescriptionThe player can only initially smelt Tin and Copper in the Crude Furnace. In order to smelt ore, place the ore on your tool-belt and left click on the furnace with the desired ore selected.


  1. It requires 5x of each ore to smelt 1 Bar.
  2. The Crude Furnace can only smelt Tin and Copper


DescriptionYou can buy the grinder once you upgrade John to his shop. You can put rocks and Shiny Rocks in the grinder.


  1. Shiny rocks will yield all the ore types and a rare chance at an opal
  2. Rocks will produce Bag of Cement




There are x types of trees in the game currently:

  • Palm Wood
  • Gum Log


  1. In order to log you must purchase the Logging License from Fletch.
  2. You must purchase a Basic Axe from John.



The sawmill is used to refine logs into planks and tin bars into tin sheets, it has not other use as of now.


  1. Logs = Planks
  2. Tin Bar = Tin Sheet

Farming/Grain Mill

Planting Crops


In order to plant crops, Rayne must first visit your island. Once she visits you can buy 1 or 2 different crops that will grow during that seaons, a garden hoe, and a watering can. Once Rayne becomes a permanent resident, you can buy up to 1-4 different crops (season dependent).


  • In order to farm you must purchase the Farming License from Fletch.
  • You can only grow crops during the season they are allowed or they will die. Some crops can grow year round.
  • If Animals spawn close to your crops, they will destroy them occasionally.
  • Scarecrows can be crafted to keep the birds away from your crops.
  • Your town NPCs will sometimes help water your crops before and after working hours.
  • If it is raining, you do not need to water your crops.
  • You cannot put down fertilizer after you plant a seed.
  • Fertilizer reduces the total days needed to grow by x amount (TBC).
  • Use a Scythe to harvest some of the crops, some of them you can just interact with (Like Tomatoes and Corn).
  • If you don’t water your crops, they won’t die, they just won’t reduce a day (or 2 days if you fertilize) off the growth days when you sleep.
  • After some relationship gain Rayne will give you a Plant Book, which when used can tell you how long a plant has left to mature.

Crops Process:

  1. Find the desired location to grow your crops, preferably near a water source or if you can build a well nearby.
  2. With your garden hoe, plow the land.
  3. If you have fertilizer available, now is the time to place it down, you cannot place it down after you put down the crop.
  4. Place down the desired crop, ensuring that the crop can grow in your current season and it has ample time to grow before the season ends.
  5. Water the crop every day.
  6. After the required number of days to grow, harvest your crop by interacting or using a tool on it. It will sparkle when it is ready to be harvested.

Compost Bins


Compost Bins are used to generate fertilizer over time. You can learn these from doing tasks for your town NPCS (Possibly Franklyn only? TBC).


  • It takes a full day to make fertilizer out of the compost bin.
  • The compost bin takes item inputs and makes fertilizer each sleep cycle.
  • The worm farm generates fertilizer over x(TBD) days and must be manually harvested.

Compost Bin Crafting Requirements:

  1. 8 Hard Wood Plank
  2. 3 Copper Bar
  3. 1 Tin Sheet
  4. 15 Nails

Worm Farm Crafting Requirements:

  1. 15 Hard Wood Plank
  2. 5 Copper Bar
  3. 5 Iron Bars
  4. 15 Bones
  5. 25 Roo Poo


  1. 4 Roo Poo
  2. 2 Vombat Poo
  3. 8 Bones
  4. 25 of any shell

Grain Mill

DescriptionThe grain mill allows an input and produces a new product output.


  • Can be sped up by the Windmill.


  1. Grass Seed = Animal Feed
  2. Tropical Grass Seed = Animal Feed
  3. Fir Grass Seed = Animal Feed
  4. Wheat = Flour
  5. Corn = Animal Feed
  6. Sugar Cane = Sugar




Tele-Towers are used to fast travel around the map. The player must fix each one of the tele towers in order to use them (See Repair Requirements below). Once you have at least 2 towers repaired, you can fast travel between them (their icons show up on the map once they have been repaired). Simply walk into the center of the tele tower and in the map view click on the tele tower you want to travel to and Confirm.

Teleport Locations:

  1. North
  2. East
  3. South
  4. West
  5. Telepad (Freely placed, can only have 1)

Repair Requirements:

  • 3 Green Boards
  • 2 Hot Cylinders
  • 1 Shiny Disc
  • 8 Bright Wires
  • 1 Smooth Slate

Treasure Hunting

Metal Detector


In order to use the metal detector you must first buy the license from Fletch for metal detecting. The first license lets you purchase the metal detector from John’s Shop (Note his tent does not sell this).


  1. In order to treasure hunt you must purchase the Metal Detecting License from Fletch.
  2. You must purchase a Metal Detector from John.

How To Find Treasures?

1. Start walking around and holding down the metal detector, it will make a beeping sound.

2. When you get close to a treasure, it will beep faster and show a graphic on the ground:

3. When you find the treasure it will beep even faster and show another graphic on the ground

4. Pull out your shovel and dig this up.

Upgrading Your Metal Detecting License:

Once you buy the next upgrade of your license, you will start to see small x’s on the ground indicating a treasure is buried there. This is a useful way as you are out exploring to dig up a few additional treasures but is not as fast as using the metal detector in finding treasures in mass quantity.

What Can You Find?

  • Barrel (contains random components)
  • Box (contains even more random components)
  • Amber
  • Random Components

Fishing/Crab Pots



Unless you need to fish for a task from a NPC, don’t waste time fishing until you have Theodore’s Relationship maxed. I say this because you gain the Fish Book which easily lets you see where all the fish are around you and it makes it significantly easier to find specific fish or fish that sell for more.


  1. In order to fish you must purchase the Fishing License from Fletch.
  2. You must purchase a Fishing Pole from John.
  3. Different fish appear in different biomes, use the map to tell what biomes you are in.
  4. Some fish only appear in the morning, noon, or nighttime thresholds.
  5. Some fish only appear during certain seasons.
  6. With the Copper Fishing rod you can catch sharks.

How to Fish?

  1. Find a fish, aim the best you can towards the fish and cast.
  2. The fish, if close enough will approach the bobber.
  3. Wait for the bobber to dip under the water with a “bloop” sound(This can take anywhere from 1-3 mini bits before they take the bait.) and hold left click down for 1-2 seconds.
  5. When the fish stops struggling, hold left click down until he starts to struggle again.
  6. Repeat this process until you catch the fish.

How to make Fishing Easier?

  • Get Max Rep with Theodore to get the Fish Book, makes finding specific fish a breeze.
  • Upgrade your fishing pole to the copper fishing pole, it reels in slightly faster.
  • For fish you already have caught at least once, use the Pedia page and click on the fish, the information will help remind you exactly where and when you can catch that fish.
  • Make and use Wattle Brew (See the Food Buffs section) while fishing, it makes reeling in fish incredibly easy and wattle brew is really easy to make.

How to catch a Shark?

  • Grab a copper fishing rod, cast near a shark and reel him in on land.
  • The shark once reeled in will get a stun debuff for a short period, and have to hop back into the water giving you ample time to kill it.

Crab Pots


Crab Pots are a tool that allow you passively catch critters [u/]somtimes[/u], and I stress sometimes because most of the time you catch useless junk. The trap takes a full day to catch something and each time you have to place bait inside the trap.


  1. In order to craft the crab pots you must purchase the fishing Tier 2 License from Fletch which requires level 10 fishing skill.
  2. Crab pots must be placed in water that is 2 levels deep.
  3. You must put bait in the crab pot each time to catch something.

Crafting Requirements:

  1. 5 Copper Bars
  2. 2 Iron Bars
  3. 4 Palm Wood Plank
  4. 2 Spinifex Resin


  • Meat
  • Raw Drumstick
  • Raw Giant Drumstick
  • Croco Meat
  • Meat Pie
  • Cooked Drumstick
  • Cooked Giant Drumstick

Catch List:


  • Palm Wood
  • Gum Log
  • Yabbie
  • White Yabbie
  • Inland Crab
  • Fresh Water Mussel
  • Jelly
  • Bone
  • Crocodile Tooth
  • Biscuit Sea Star
  • Glass Bulb
  • Old Tire
  • Copper Ore


  • Biscuit Sea Star
  • Spiny Sea Urchin
  • Hardwood Log
  • Palm Wood
  • Eleven-Armed Sea Star
  • Crocodile Tooth
  • Bone
  • Jelly
  • King Prawn
  • Pink Sea Urchin
  • Tiger Prawn
  • Smooth Slate
  • Copper Ore
  • Blue Mussel
  • Shiny Disc
  • Syrinx Shell
  • Scallop Shell
  • Black Sea Cucumber
  • Ear Hats

Consumable Buffs


Making food in the early game is a bit tough, but over time acquiring food becomes easier and makes tasks in the game generally easier.


  1. COOK EVERYTHING, DON’T EAT RAW FOOD Cooking doubles almost every food bonus.

Gacha Machine


The Gacha (“Gotcha”) Machine takes your money and gives you a random prize the next day after you sleep. It costs 5,000 Dinks per use and can only be used once per day per machine.


  • You can obtain the machine from Franklyn via his daily craft.
  • It costs 5k Dinks per use.

Crafting Requirements:

  1. 5 Old Gears
  2. 2 Iron Bars
  3. 1 Glass Bulb
  4. 1 Button Board
  5. 1 Old Toy

Possible Rewards:

  1. Bee Hive
  2. Bird Coup
  3. Furnace
  4. StreetLamp
  5. Tin Bar
  6. Copper Bar
  7. Opal
  8. Basic Spear
  9. Copper Spear
  10. Iron Spear
  11. Fishing Rod
  12. Brick Flower Bed
  13. Wooden Flower Bed
  14. Miners Helmet
  15. Chicken Egg
  16. Milk
  17. High Quality Milk
  18. Slingshot
  19. Boomerang
  20. Roo Poo
  21. Basic Pickaxe
  22. Copper Pickaxe
  23. Iron Pickaxe
  24. Basic Axe
  25. Copper Axe
  26. Iron Axe



The quarry is a passive way to earn Ores and Treasures. Each sleep cycle a quarry will generate one node. The quarry needs a single available space in the North, East, South, West to be able to spawn a max of 4 items over 4 days.


  • Is crafted at Franklyn, one per day.
  • Needs space around it to spawn nodes.

Crafting Requirements:

  1. 5 Old Gears
  2. 1 Old Contraption
  3. 3 Old Springs
  4. 1 Button Board
  5. 1 Old Toy

Guide by DredSilent

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