Destiny 2 Server Error Code Bat, Weasel, and Porpoise – Bungie Inc Acknowledges

Destiny 2 Long Load Times and Stuttering – Developer Acknowledges

In September 2021, Destiny 2 has celebrated its 4th anniversary. Millions of players around the world love its gameplay and customization options and it was the 2nd highest-grossing game of 2017 but still, it doesn’t mean the game doesn’t have any issues and glitches. Like other massive titles, this game also has several problems.

Daily, new players are joining this game and so it seems the tough time for Bungie to maintain the game servers. Recently, many players are facing error codes like Bat, Weasel, and Porpoise. These error codes come up when the Destiny 2 servers are down due to outage or maintenance and so players can’t do anything to solve these error codes.

Fortunately, Bungie Help has recently acknowledged this issue and said, their team is examining all the problems that players are facing with the game and they will release an update soon.

This is not the only issue with the game. Destiny 2 players are also facing several issues including long load times and stuttering and CAT error code since the last few weeks. Thus, Bungie needs to work a lot to resolve all of these issues so the players can enjoy this game flawlessly. Since they have acknowledged on their official Twitter handle, all of these issues will be resolved soon. Also check – How to fix CAT error code in Destiny 2.

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