Destiny 2 Players Not Receiving Guardian Games Rewards from Boxes – An Official Statement

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Destiny 2 is a popular free-to-play action MMO game and can be played solo or with friends. This game offers various open-world activities than its precursor but still, many players have been complaining about several bugs and issues with the game such as BABOON or contacting Destiny 2 server error codes.

Adding to these issues, many players are now complaining, that they are not receiving Guardian Games rewards in Destiny 2. Guardian Games began on May 3 and brings a new SMG and exotic armor. In this Guardian Games, all the three classes (Warlock, Titan, and Hunter) compete against one another to earn rewards. 

But unfortunately, many players are complaining, that they are not receiving Guardian Games rewards. Many of the players are saying, they achieved platinum and checked with Eva once they lit up the torches but they did not find anything in the boxes.

Because of this bug, many players are wondering why it happens as they have not done anything wrong. They have also tried some generic workarounds such as restarting the game and verifying game files through Steam but nothing helped.

Gratefully, a community moderator of Destiny 2 has officially commented on this matter and said, the boxes in its inventory of Eva are just placeholders. Players actually receive the rewards from lighting the torches.

That means, if you lit up the torches, you receive the Guardian Games rewards automatically and so you no need to worry anything about it.

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