Destiny 2 Ikelos SMG Damage Buff Unintentionally – Bungie Acknowledges

Destiny 2 The With Queen Wellspring Deepsight Weapons Drop Rate Issues Acknowledge by Devs

The Witch Queen is the latest expansion of the popular FPS Destiny 2 developed by Bungie. Like its original series, the game uses a semi-MMO approach where you can enjoy the game online with hundreds of players. Using the in-game map, you will find several missions, collectibles, bosses, and raids.

However, this new expansion has several issues and bugs such as Broccoli, Marmot, Weasel, Beagle errors codes.

In The Witch Queen, Bungie has adjusted the stats of the weapons to balance the game. Conversely, it seems, a recent balanced patch has added certain unintentional damages buff to the Ikelos Legendary SMG weapon.

Ikelos is one of the legendary SMGs that players can get through certain raids or events. This weapon provides striking stats but some players are currently complaining, the Ikelos SMG has become a “silent buff” as it has started dealing more damages about 40% than usual.

Fortunately, the Bungie team is aware of this issue and Joe Blackburn, the director of Destiny 2 has confirmed the same through his official Twitter handle, but still, he has not shared the ETA for the fix.
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