Destiny 2 BABOON or Contacting Destiny 2 Server Error Codes – A Temporary Solution

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Destiny 2 is the popular MMO that always relies on its powerful servers to bring players across the globe. Developers always release new updates every so often and so services may be interrupted for various reasons.

A few weeks back, many players faced “connection failed and can’t join player session” errors, and now, there is one more serious server-related issue affecting many players specifically from Canada. According to multiple reports, Destin 2 players from Canada are complaining, they are receiving ‘Baboon’ and ‘Contacting Destiny 2 servers’ error codes.

Because of this issue, players are not able to access the match further. They are reporting, they receive these error messages even on high-speed wired internet connections.

This is a really annoying issue where the match is almost unplayable. Players have already tried several workarounds that include restarting of router and console but still, it doesn’t solve the problem. This issue occurs more at the time of matchmaking.

Players have been reporting this issue since 17th March but still, the issue is not resolved by the developers. Some players have already contacted their internet service provider for help but they said the issue is from Bungie itself.

A Temporary Solution: Some players have tried to use a VPN service to resolve this issue temporarily. 

At the time of writing this post, the developer team has not yet acknowledged this issue but hopefully, they will release a statement soon as this issue is widespread. Also, they would find a permanent solution in the upcoming patch.

Meanwhile, you can try to use a leading VPN service to fix BABOON or contact the Destiny 2 server error code.

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