Dead by Daylight Sadako Well Charm Bugged – Potential Workaround

Dead by Daylight is now available on Steam and the game has received very good reviews from fans and critics. But still, this game has several issues and bugs such as crashing the game or sync error code 111. These issues are extremely frustrating and you are not alone as there are many players around the world who are complaining about the same issues. 

Many of the issues have not yet been resolved and now players are complaining, the Sadako Well Charm is unachievable and some other players are saying the game is rewarding players randomly.

Players have already tried several workarounds such as verifying game files on Steam and restarting the game but nothing helps. Well, you can try the following potential workaround that worked for many players.

A Potential Workaround: This possible workaround involves logging out from the game for a while, coming back, seeing the slug race teaser and the issue will be resolved.

Thankfully, the developer team has confirmed this issue on their official forum and said, “we are aware of an issue in which some players have not received the Sadako Well Charm and it is something that we are looking into”.

As you can read, they have recently acknowledged this issue, so we will have it hotfix very soon.

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