CoD Mobile: Increased Sensitivity Bug After Season 5 Update – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

COD Mobile

CoD Mobile is one of the best shooting games as it offers fun, is rich, and is full of gunfire. In addition, this game has great graphics which contributes to brilliant gameplay. However, the game has several bugs and issues such as the controller not connecting issues.    

Developers have recently released a Season 5 update but it has brought several issues and bugs that ruin the overall gaming experience. According to several reports, CoD Mobile has increased sensitivity issues in the game’s controllers.

Because of this issue, the movements are faster and so players are not able to move or aim properly. That’s not enough and the increased sensitivity bug in CoD Mobile also affects jump slides. Players have already modified their control settings to get rid of this issue but that doesn’t work.

This game has mainly two versions: Garena and Standards – Both of these versions are almost the same but the only difference is Garena allocates in Southeast Asia.

Many players are complaining, they have started facing this issue, especially after Season 5 update.

Unfortunately, the developers have not yet acknowledged this issue. But they will surely say something and fix the issue as early as possible so that players can start enjoying the game once again.

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