Can You Fix Lost Ark The Selected Region is Closed Error

Fix Lost Ark Unable to Connect – Firewall Issue

Lost Ark is a 2.5D massively popular multiplayer action role-playing game by Smilegate. Earlier this game was available only in the South Korean region and later the developers released it in South America, North America, and Europe. The player base of this game is rising quickly and so some issues and glitches are expected

Recently many players are running into an error that reads – “The selected region is closed” error. Because of this error, players are unable to access the server and so, many players are confused and wondering if they can fix the “The selected region is closed” error in Lost Ark. So, let’s find out in this guide if it is really possible to fix it.

Is It Possible to Fix Lost Ark The Selected Regions are Closed Error

If you are running into an error “The selected region is closed” in Lost Ark, unfortunately, you can’t do anything to fix it. The meaning of this error message is that the server is offline due to scheduled maintenance and in that case, players can’t do anything except waiting until the servers are back online.

In addition, there is a chance that you might face this same error right after scheduled maintenance because a number of players will be queueing up at the same time. But thankfully, it will not remain for long and you will be able to access the game once the issue gets resolved.

In case the issue is not solved even after waiting for a long time, you can go to the official forum of the Lost Ark and raise your complaint. The technical team will help you to get through this issue.

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