Can You Fix Fortnite Waiting in Queue Error

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A ton of errors and issues have come and resolved in Fortnite since the release of this popular battle royale game in 2017. Some of the issues have been fixed by the developer but some of the errors reappear after updates. Many players are stuck in an error message that says “Waiting in Queue” and they can’t join the game. There is just a huge flow of new and returning players attempting to join Fortnite and that is one of the main reasons why many players are facing a “Waiting in Queue” error message. If you are also receiving the same error message in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and wondering, can you fix this error message, let’s find out the answer.

Is It Possible to Fix Fortnite Waiting in Queue Error?

If you are running into an error that says “Waiting in Queue” when attempting to load the game, that means there are a lot of players trying to access or join the game server at the same time. In this situation, sometimes the servers cannot manage the load and so throw such errors.

The other reason may be the servers are down due to scheduled maintenance or sudden outage. In any of the cases, you can’t fix the error “Waiting in Queue” in Fortnite. And so, you only need to wait until the load on the server reduces.

If you attempt to close the game and launch it again, you will reset your position in the queue and thus, the waiting time will be increased. So, it is better to wait until the server load decreases and the error message disappears.

All in all, you can’t do anything if you are receiving a “Waiting in Queue” error while joining Fortnite. Just wait patiently until the error is gone automatically.

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