Can Fix Destiny 2 One Moment Please Error

Can Fix Destiny 2 One Moment Please Error

Destiny 2 is an excellent co-op shooter game and players love to play it because of its strong storytelling in the campaign. Unfortunately, the new content is not started off smoothly and players are complaining about a wide range of frustrating glitches and bugs such as long load times and stuttering and more.

Recently, many players around the world are receiving a new issue. They are suffering from a “One Moment Please” error message. Players have already tried several workarounds to get rid of this error message but they failed. Let’s find out can you fix the Destiny 2 “One Moment Please” error.

If you’re receiving the “one moment please” error while joining Destiny 2, that means a large number of players are attempting to access the game at the same time and because of such a massive crowd, servers become incapable to hold everyone. 

So, the meaning of the “One moment please” error in Destiny 2 is that you are in a queue and so regrettably, you can do anything to fix this issue.

In this situation, the only thing you can do is to wait on the loading screen for sometimes and the error will be removed once your turn will come. It can take time from a few minutes to a few hours so wait patiently and eventually, you will be able to enjoy the new content of Destiny 2. 

This is a normal error and it happens frequently when massive games like Destiny 2 releases expansion. 

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