Call of Duty: Warzone PPSH and Bren Overpowered – Players Request Nerf

Call of Duty Warzone PPSH and Bren Overpowered – Players Request Nerf

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale game. Developer of this game, Activision regularly releases new content and updates to keep the game fresh and breathing always. This new content includes new items, skins, weapons, and other stuff.

But, several issues are noticed especially after a new update. According to multiple reports, players are experiencing several issues with the weapons for the last few weeks.

Players are reporting on Reddit, Twitter, and other forums, particularly PPSH which is one of the SMGs and the Bren light machine gun are breaking in the game. And because of this issue, players are suffering from the damage in a very short period.

Additionally, this weapon isn’t pretty heavy and its magazine can hold several bullets. Also, it can easily hit long-range without any trouble.

Players are now requesting, they need a ‘vaulting mechanic’ as an alternative to counter such weapons. The same thing is happening with the Bren weapon as it also offers several advantages and perks that make this weapon impossible to counter via gameplay mechanics. Players are complaining, the Bren Light machine gun in Warzone merges high shooting accuracy, high damage, and long-range shootings.

Because of all of these issues, players are demanding a nerf to Activision but we are not sure, the devs will take note of these complaints. We will let you know if we will have any updates on this.

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