Black Ops Cold War ‘Mauer der Toten’ Bug on Xbox Series X Missing Audio, Objects, and Textures

Black Ops Cold War ‘Mauer der Toten’ Bug on Xbox Series X Missing Audio, Objects, and Textures

Black Ops Cold War’s Season 4 Reloaded update is out now and it features new items, playlists, and weapons. A new Zombies map is also introduced – ‘Mauer der Toten’. However, this new update also brought several issues on Xbox Series X that include missing textures, audio, server bug on Mauer der Toten, and several others. 

Players have already started reporting this issue on Reddit as well as on several other social media platforms and forums. Furthermore, several players are also complaining that their game is crashing while they’re on the map. 

Luckily, the developer team of this game – Treyarch Studios has already acknowledged these issues today via Twitter and stated that they are inspecting the bug and will solve it soon. However, the estimated time is not yet revealed but hopefully, these issues will be resolved.

Moreover, several players have also reported that the new map of zombies also freezes whenever the train arrives. This issue is also acknowledged by the developer.

The scale of these issues is aggravated as this game supports cross-platform play. The effect is that the Xbox players are at a very serious disadvantage when he plays with PC or PS players.

Since Treyarch is already investigating a bug and connectivity issues, currently, Zombies have been taken down temporarily from the game.

The developer team has already updated the current status on the official Trello board and declared that the solo pausing features are already back on 14th July.

With that said, we will keep checking the status on this and we will update you once as soon as all of these issues will be resolved.

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