Apex Legends Mobile Directional Audio or Sound Due to Bug – Issue Yet to Acknowledge

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Apex Legends Mobile is a surprisingly fun battle royal experience that brings everything classic Apex Legends does on console and PC. Gamers love its crisp gunplay and fast-paced movements in the game feels unlike any other mobile shooter game out there. However, this game has several bugs and issues such as Android users unable to use the Razer Kishi controller or missing inverted controllers or the Y-axis option. 

Most of the issues have not yet been resolved by the developers and players are now reporting a new issue. Many players are complaining that they experience a directional sound or audio due to some glitch. Because of this issue, many players are confused with such audio. Some other players are also hearing gunshots close to them even when there are no enemies around.

This is a quite frustrating issue as audio plays a very important role in shooting games. Many players have already tried some generic workarounds that include changing their earphones and headphones and reinstalling the game but nothing helped.

Unfortunately, developers have not yet acknowledged or commented anything on this matter. But hopefully, they will acknowledge the issue and fix it as early as possible as many players are suffering from the same issue.

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