Apex Legends Chat Not Working & Players Kicked Out from Character Selection Screen – EA Help Acknowledges

Temporary Fix Apex Legends DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG Message

Since its release in Feb 2019, Apex Legends has had countless bugs and issues. Some of them have been fixed but still many are unresolved and troubling many players around the world.

Adding to these issues, Apex Legends fans are now reporting, chat is not working properly on their Xbox consoles. While some players say, it works but is choppy, other players report the chat function is totally broken and not working whatsoever.

Because of this issue, many players are frustrated as communication is one of the most important keys to winning the match, especially in games like Apex Legends.

Many players are complaining on Reddit and say – “after the update, I have so many problems. I can’t use chat, lobby gets bugged after EVERY SINGLE GAME, the sound is bad and it keeps going”.

Thankfully, EA Help has officially acknowledged the issue on their official Twitter page.

As you can see in the above link, they say “we are aware of this issue and are working to fix it as soon as possible”. Although, they have not revealed the ETA hopefully the issue will get resolved very soon.

That’s not enough, some other players are also reporting an issue where they’re kicked out from the character selection screen. This issue occurs especially in the ranked matches.

Players have already tried several generic workarounds that include restarting the game but due to this issue, the game is completely unplayable for many players.

Since the developers have confirmed these issues officially on their Twitter page, hopefully, they will release a new patch fixing all of such issues as these are major issues.

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