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American Truck Simulator


My name is Elijah and I’ve been playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 since 2014 and later American Truck Simulator. I’ve collectively played SCS’s Truck Simulators for more than 1300 hours. Naturally I’ve gathered a lot of information about the game, modifications for the game and general tips and tricks.

This guide will focus on modifications to enhance your immersion and the realism of the game. Eventually I might branch out and add general tips and tricks, but I have a feeling other guides like this exists already. And while I wont go into too much detail about what each mod do, you definitely can. I don’t wanna steal the spotlight of the authors, information and details about each mod will be found on the mod page.

Without further ado, let’s take a look into what you can do to enhance your game.

NOTE:All mods I talk about are either on the Steam Workshop or the SCS Forum. Apart from the mods by Grimes which are on his WordPress site, and for ProMods, they can be found on ProMods Official Site.


Audio is one of the most vital aspect to video games and the movie industry. Audio can enhance scenes or create a wide range of emotions. I’ve compiled a pretty detailed list of audio mods that will most likely change your perception of audio while trucking.

– Air Brake Sound Mod by Zee
– Road & Wind Noise Sound Mod by Zee
– Sound Fixes Pack by YouDriveSafely


Visuals are also extremely important, so tackle this I use graphics and weather mods from Grimes. Depending on where you live, you might wanna make the game follow what you can see and feel, or pick a random and stick with it.

– Early Autumn Weather Mod by Grimes []
– Frosty Winter Weather Mod by Grimes []
– New Summer by Grimes []
– Spring Weather Mod by Grimes []

NOTE: You can click on the mod name(s) above to get re-directed there instantly.


But what about lights? Well, don’t I have the solution for you. Down below are mods to change up street lamps, city lighting and your truck’s lights.

– Boreman LED Marker Lights Pack byobelihnio
– Extended Traffic Light Timing by madman
– Realistic Vehicle Lights Mod by Frkn64


We’ve solved visuals and audio, what about physics. Well, I personally use the following. Momo also has several versions depending on preference.

– Air Ride : Ultimate by MOMO & YUNA
– Realistic Truck Physics Modby Frkn64


This is all great, but what about new locations? Okay so you have ProMods, fantastic map mod. But something you may not know is that the vanilla map and map add-ons don’t use real distance. They can’t.

– ProMods by ProMods Team []


Okay so we’ve solved a lot of things so far. But that’s only the surface, there’s also a lot of mods that enhances your truck with various accessories and additions.

– Cabinet Stickers by azumukupoe
– SiSL’s Mega Pack by SiSL
– True Mirror FOV for ATS by ★ Edward.


But what about my actual truck? What if I want new tires, or other lights etc? I also got the answer to that.

– Real Tires Mod by Galimim
– Real Trailer Tyres Mod by Galimim
– Smarty’s Wheel Pack by Smarty
– Mayhem Big Rig Rim’s by sirblackyalot


Can UI changes be immersion? In my world it can, and so here it is. Some simple mods to change up the UI to be more flat and friendly.

– SiSL’s FlatUI by SiSL
– SiSL’s Route Adviser by SiSL

Connection to the real world

Here’s a few modifications that has connections to the real world, with that being company logos, advertisements, names etc. All highly recommended of course.

Google Maps Navigation by Sinagrit Baba
– Normal Light
– Light ProMods
– Normal Dark
– Dark ProMods

– ATS Real Logos Project by Keeper1st
– Municipal Police Traffic Pack by gabenz88
– Real companies, gas stations & billboards by MLH82 & 4of25
– Real Fuel Prices by Nener

Worthy Mentions

And so we’ve come to the last section of my mods for immersion and realism. These aren’t neccessary at all. But they’re nice to have, I mean, the game gets infinitely better the more open it is to freedom.

– “I Support Single Moms” Mudflap Pack by BlackBloodRum
– Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cipinho
– Freightliner FLB edited by Harven

End of the Guide

That’s it, that’s all I can give right now. I hope you find some of these modifications to your liking. They have helped me tremendously throughout my trucking journey. And if you’re one of the mod authors of mentioned modifications. I appreciate your work and wish you all the best.

Happy trucking!

Guide by PenOkOh

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